A Kinda Life Update

It's January 2018, I have started my new job, but then I got back from my first day at work to hear that my nan is in the hospital and it wasn't expected she was going to make it. I had never been too close to my nan on that side of the family due... Continue Reading →


Should we have the right to die?

Before I start explaining myself I am going to be focusing mainly on those who physically cannot commit suicide for whatever reason.  So, there is a huge debate around if it is ethical to allow people the right to end their life, I think this debate is ridiculous, I think it is less ethical making... Continue Reading →

Should University be free?

Before we get into this post I'm going to be focusing soley on university in England, I don't know how fees and everything related works in other countries so I can't really provide an opinion on that. Currently in England, university is £9,250 a year and there are debates that university should be free. But... Continue Reading →

Bisexual Stereotypes

Following on from yesterday's blog post about bisexual erasure, I thought that today I would write about bisexual stereotypes and misconceptions. Bisexual women only do it to turn straight guys on.  I could not care less what anybody thinks of me or my sexuality, the type of girls who do this are the kind who... Continue Reading →

My experience on the implant.

For a period of three months during 2015/2016 I was on the contraceptive implant, it was my first time going on a LARC (long acting reversible contraceptive) Up until this point I had been using condoms, and I had friends who were on both the combined and the progesterone only pill, I knew that this... Continue Reading →

Admitting you aren’t okay

It is no secret that there are growing instances of people suffering from mental health problems, yet despite this there is still an intense stigma surrounding the subject; however this does not mean we should not talk about it.


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