To The Bone – Trailer Review

Yet another Netflix original is due to be released surrounding the realms of mental health.

After the controversy surrounding Thirteen Reasons Why (Which I have not watched purely just because I couldn’t get into it) it was kind of risky for Netflix to release another original like this.

If you don’t already know the movie is about a girl with anorexia nervosa, as someone who has struggled with eating disorders in the past it is quite a sensitive subject, but from the trailer I think that the producers have done a good job.

What I like about the trailer is how it starts off quite light-hearted and the protagonists making jokes out of the condition, which I know for a fact a lot of people do including myself, however I have a friend who disagreed with the joke that they used comparing the condition to “Calorie Asperger’s” which I can understand her not liking the joke but is down to personal preference, something I find a bit risky for a promotional trailer.

The trailer has also posed the question of “Is Netflix romanticizing eating disorders?” something this reminds me of is #Thinspo and other related hashtags all over Tumblr and Instagram, something that I constantly found myself looking at in the peak of my disorder, some people might strive to look like that simply because it is what is found in the mainstream media, for some even the trailer seemed triggering after seeing the protagonist Ellen, played by Lily Collins, counting calories and religiously exercising.

For me the fact that it is written and directing by somebody with experience of an eating disorder, gives me hope that the eating disorders being portrayed will have more of an accurate representation than they are already getting in the mainstream media.

At the end of the day the people complaining about it being triggering are also the people complaining that there is no representation of mental illness within the media, but the two go hand in hand, if mental health wasn’t triggering then it wouldn’t be such a problem.


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