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Why I love After Laughter

It’s been a fair few weeks since Paramore’s new album, After Laughter was released and I can’t get over it. I’m one of them people who listen to music full blast through their headphones on the bus and do little head bops to the beat, and this album is perfect for that. 

Paramore’s changing sound I personally feel was a bit overdue, you could tell for a while after self titled album that the next lot of music would have a different feel to it. I think this is the right change for them as a band, they are growing and so is their music. 

The album begins with Hard Times, a really bubbly poppy song as soon as this came out I couldn’t stop listening to it, it has an 80s synth pop vibe to it which I love. Don’t even get me started on the music video for it, I’m in love. Putting on this song when you’re in a bad mood is the best, the cheerful music with the downbeat lyrics are the perfect juxtaposition, one of my friends described it as Twenty One Pilots but not shit. 

What I also like about this album is the mix of slower yet still pop-ish songs which reminds me a lot of self titled album with Last Hope. A perfect example of this is Forgiveness, it’s the perfect song for cuddling with someone and listening to each individual lyric and relating it back to your life. 

My favourite song on the album, and is close to being my favourite song in general is Fake Happy, it’s one of those songs where you could find a lyric and tweet it (which I have shamelessly done) what I love about it in particular is how it starts of with a Michael Cera vibe (if you haven’t heard his music listen to 2048 and you’ll know what I mean) but then it transforms into this pop song, you can listen to it starting off feeling shit but then your mood will change with the music. 

All in all, I can understand why some Paramore fans don’t like the new album, it is quite different to their stuff that they released when they first started making music back in the Misery Business days (my all time favourite song in case you were wondering, what a b o p) but I feel like their music has grown with them and their fans. Coming from the person who can go from listening to The Clash to Stormzy in 5 seconds that is. 

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