Keeping Motivated!

For some, motivation can be hard to find at the best of times, I, like these people fall into this category, not necessarily because we can’t find anything else to do but simply as their brain just doesn’t get easily motivated.

I have just finished college and I don’t start university until the end of September, I am determined to make something of my time off. A lot of this is going to be quite specific for me, but I’m sure all kinds of people can take inspiration from my plans.

I am going to get fit. 

The summer is perfect for trying to lose weight, long days and hot weather means perfect time for working out, I am going to do more working out and walking instead of just eating right.

Do at least one photo-shoot a week. 

If you know me then you will know I am a freelance photographer and recently I’ve lost some motivation for going on shoots, mostly due to the fact of comparing myself to others, but this summer I am going to do at least one shoot per week to build up my portfolio even further.


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