Bisexual Stereotypes

Following on from yesterday’s blog post about bisexual erasure, I thought that today I would write about bisexual stereotypes and misconceptions.

  1. Bisexual women only do it to turn straight guys on. 

I could not care less what anybody thinks of me or my sexuality, the type of girls who do this are the kind who drunkenly kiss their friends to flirt with a guy because men find it attractive, some females who do this are genuinely bisexual but it’s not exactly helping the stereotypes out.

2.  Bisexuals are indecisive or confused. 

For the longest amount of time I was confused about my sexuality, but that was simply as I didn’t want to admit that I was bi, and also for a lot of people they come out as bi to then come out as gay, but this does not mean that their sexuality should be invalidated.

3. Bisexuals love threesomes. 

Let’s face it who wouldn’t love a threesome, but this doesn’t make a bisexual more likely to have one than a horny teenage boy.

4. Bisexuals can’t have monogamous relationships 

Polyamory is completely different to bisexuality but you can be both, personally I could never be in a polygamous relationship, but again being bisexual doesn’t increase your chances of being in one.

5. You can’t identify as bisexual unless they have had a relationship with a man and a woman

Personally, I came out before I had been any relationship, but you don’t need to be with either gender to know your own sexuality.


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